Neighborhood Preservation Services

Neighborhood Preservation Services

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RDRC continues to be a strong advocate for homeownership and continues to work with all banks and mortgage lenders to find the best available loan or refinancing products for our clients, free of charge. We provide courses and counseling services to individuals and families interested in purchasing home or who currently own a home and are having difficulties in maintaining their home.


RDRC offers First Time Homebuyers workshops and individual counseling to potential

For many, the homeownership process can be overwhelming and discourage qualified homeowners from experiencing one of the greatest joys in life homeownership can bring, the ability grow a family and create memories that can last a lifetime! At RDRC, our experienced housing team will prepare you for the responsibilities of homeownership and coach you through the home buying process.

Our First-Time Homebuyer Course prepares you for the responsibilities of homeownership, empower you to make smart decisions throughout the home buying process, and connect you to the most affordable mortgage products, including any down-payment and/or closing cost assistance programs for which you may qualify.

We offer regularly scheduled courses at our Far Rockaway location and for groups of ten or more we can schedule a first time homebuyer workshop at your location as well. In addition to workshops we offer one-on-one counseling with experienced housing counselors who meet Federal requirements for training and certification.

Our team of HUD certified housing counselors have over 20 years of experience and are ready to help you. To get started, click on RDRC Homeowners Assistance Application and return to info@rdrc.org. You can also request your application be mailed or emailed to you by email or telephone in advance of your scheduled appointment.


Malcolm Harewood presents program at a recent workshop open to the public.

To assist existing homeowners that are facing foreclosure, RDRC offers individualized a Foreclosure Prevention and Loss Mitigation Course counseling services. Our Foreclosure Prevention Course provides participant with general solutions to delinquency- related issues such as: what to do when money management and paying you mortgage becomes a problem. We distinguish the facts versus fiction when discussing mortgage delinquency, accessing their individual financial status and developing a ‘manageable’ budget.

Counselors identify loss mitigation resources to bring loans current – loan re-­‐structuring to reduce their   monthly   payment, establishing   a   loan   modification   agreement, negotiating   a   temporary deferment, or refinancing. For participants  who have made a decision to sell their home for whatever reason, RDRC will provide individualized counseling services and assistance. RDRC will provide information on how to avoid predatory lending and home equity scams, and how to recognize unethical business practices.


For our first-time homebuyer and foreclosure clients we also offer credit and debt consolidation counseling services. This service goes beyond the basics that are introduced under the Financial Capacity

Building Services. In addition to reviewing your tri-merged report, we assist you in resolving errors and omissions that impact your credit score and can impede your ability to obtain the lowest possible loan rate. We review your income, expenses and current debt and prepare a detailed summary of your household budget. Together we analyze your spending budget and work on solutions to reduce your debt and improve your credit score by establishing a Credit Rebuilding Plan.

There are no fees for our services but every client is required to pay the cost of obtaining a merged credit report and scores obtained by RDRC.


After the collapse of the housing market and bank failures that led to the Great Recession of 2008, RDRC began to provide financial education as a core component of all of our youth and adult programs and services.

Because of our focus on youth development, we believe that getting the job is only half the challenge – developing good money management habits is essential and can last a lifetime.

Our Financial Capacity Building Course reaches over 1,500 persons per year covering topics such as: the differences between banks, credit unions and non-bank financial services centers, and the fees associated with each option; how to obtain your free credit score; how to review, challenge and correct errors on your credit report; how to set-up a savings plan; and your rights as a consumer under the Federal Consumer Protection Act of 1968.

RDRC is certified by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and NeighborWorks® America, and member of the Neighborhood Preservation Coalition of New York State.

To register for any of our neighborhood preservation workshops or counseling services, click on the RDRC Housing Application, complete and return the form to us by mail, in person drop-off or return to us by email to info@rdrc.org.

To learn more about our housing counseling programs and to schedule an appointment, contact Mr. Malcolm Harewood, Director of Neighborhood Preservation Services at 718.327.5300 or mharewood@rdrc.org

Founded in 1978, the mission of RDRC is "to promote the revitalization of the Rockways
economic base and neighborhoods, and to secure an improved quality of life for its residents."