Summer Youth Employment

Summer Youth Employment


For more than nineteen years, RDRC has served between 500-800 youth annually through the administration of the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP).


The SYEP provides NYC youth in all five boroughs seasonal employment and educational workshops/seminars.  Participants have the opportunity to work in a variety of entry-level jobs at private and non-profit businesses.  The expectation of the SYEP program is to introduce youth to the real-world job market, develop work and social skills, develop good healthy practices to sustain life and have an understanding of finance (banking, credit scoring, credit cards, and loans).


The Younger Youth program provides opportunities for youth 14-15 years of age through traditional employment, community service projects and service learning projects. Older Youth, 16-24 continue their experience in traditional employment based on their comprehensive career choice assessments.


Although follow-up service is not a requirement for SYEP, RDRC consistently provides long-term support and follow-up to all of its disconnected youth who have not completed high school/or not employed at the end of program.  RDRC proactively tracks participant’s progress and continues to provide support once participants leave the program.  Participants 18 years of age are referred to RDRC’s employment network.  Others are referred to partnering community-based organizations, local agencies or higher education institutes to pursue GED, further their education, and gain vocational skills within a desired trade.  The follow-up goal is to help the youth stay focused, so that they may achieve maximum quality of life they forge ahead into adulthood.


For particiapants interested in applying for employment or a business or local organization interested in becoming a worksite sponsor, contact Ms. Renee McWilliams, Director of Education, Employment & Career Development Services at 718.327.5300, extension 311 or via email at









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