College & Beyond

College & Beyond


The College and Beyond Initiative’s objective is to push participants beyond their comfort zone, have them focus on learning, serving, leading and advancing in life by way of college enrollment, developed career plan, and life skills. The Initiative provides early exposure to PSAT/SAT testing leading to better scores on the actual SAT exams. SAT scores boost youth chances for acceptance into the colleges of their choice.  Youth are coached and encouraged to begin their college search; which entails, scouting potential colleges, review admission requirements during their junior year and prepare their career portfolio by senior year to begin completing college applications for early acknowledgments by selected schools.  The advantage of preparing for college early can afford them the opportunity to actively engage in extra- curricular activities after-school, enjoy senior activities, and perhaps work on life skills like obtaining after–school employment without the worries of college preparation.  Furthermore, receiving assistance with obtaining after-school employment, since they would have already completed the SAT and college readiness procedure during their junior year. This creates a balanced of healthy living by avoiding stress and implementing discipline, time management, and prioritizing skills.


For high school juniors or seniors interested in our college and career preparedness activities, contact Ms. Leonor Reina,  Site Director, Education, Employment and Career Development Services at 718.327.5300, extension 307 or