Downtown Far Rockaway Redesign Plan

Downtown Far Rockaway Redesign Plan


RDRC is currently engaged in developing a comprehensive streetscape and public space redesign project of downtown Far Rockaway. The Downtown Far Rockaway Redesign Plan will feature a downtown hub on Beach 21st, newly designed pedestrian walkways and open public spaces that highlight the uniqueness of our downtown district and its proximity to Jamaica Bay, Rockaway Beach, Rockaway Park and Medical Row located along Beach 20th Street.



Phase I – Beach 20th Street Pedestrian Plaza

The Beach 20th Street Pedestrian Plaza is a strategically located City-owned open space located in the heart of downtown Far Rockaway. Scheduled for completion in late 2014, the Plaza will feature bench seating areas, landscaped garden areas, Flushing meadow styled light poles with enhanced LED lighting, drinking fountain, gaming tables and concession areas.


Phase II – Beach 21st Street Transit Hub

Currently, over 4 million commuters pass thru  downtown Far Rockaway making it the most commuter-trafficked commercial corridor in the Rockaways. In order to increase commuter access and pedestrian safety, RDRC, WeDesign and the NY Department of Transportation have developed a design plan for the revitalization of the existing Beach 21st Street Transit Hub.  The Hub will have design features found in the Plaza and will also rejuvenate the strip of businesses located on Beach 21st.


Directional Signage for Downtown Far Rockaway

The NYC Department of Transportation will be installing Wayfinding Signage in downtown Far Rockaway. Wayfinding signage will assist persons not familiar with Far Rockaway to places and destinations such as the newly renovated Rockaway Beach Park and Boardwalk, St. John’s Episcopal Hospital, the newly renovated Wavecrest Gardens Shopping Center, the Beach 20th Street Pedestrian Plaza and public library.


Community Engagement In Commercial Revitalization

A crucial part to a successful project is the active engagement of community stakeholders in the development stages of the project. 


RDRC and our pro-bono design consulting firm, WeDesign have committed many hours to developing presentation materials, providing updates and hosting presentations about the Far Rockaway Redesign Plan to community, civic and business associations